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The main business of Ligente Ltd. is connected to the development of turn-key hosting systems, which include everything the clients of our Internet services need. An autonomous, all-inclusive, completely automated solution, which maybe needs only a unique business idea. Or something else we’ve already taken into account – a hosting service.

As for the unique business ideas – we have plenty of them. It is simply a matter of agreement and financing.

Each service is briefly explained below. Each partnership project we would eventually enter into is strictly individual, and so, we couldn’t foresee or explain all the details, all the possible combinations that may arise. That’s why we’ll point out only the most important premises for a possible business partnership whereby everything needed is included right from the very start.

The systems developed by Ligente Ltd. CANNOT BE SOLD. They can be rented only provided that the users are not being given root access to the servers and on condition that Ligente Ltd. provides the technical support and no one else has access to the source codes.

We take part only in EQUAL PARTNERSHIPS.

We also develop, design and market search engine optimized websites at customer’s request, but this is more of a side activity for us.

Our automated hosting platform is based on Linux and is very suitable for generating main or additional income as far as Internet Service Providers, web design and development companies, online entrepreneurs, webmasters, big or small online companies, etc. are concerned.

 Web Hosting Software (Development & Maintenance)

Linux-based hosting platforms with additionally developed Apache web server, kernel, light httpd, etc. hosting modules, allowing 10 to over 100 times heavier loads at exceptionally low server load levels (about 30% - 40%) compared to the regular one-server hosting  platforms using cPanel, for example. We’ve developed THREE hosting platforms:

A. The first one is suitable only for basic, free hosting account purposes, and can accommodate about 60,000 client accounts and over 120,000 virtual hosts (domains/sub-domains) on a single, averagely powerful server, at almost zero load. No scripting is supported (php, perl, mysql, etc).

B. The second one is a wholly cluster based hosting platform suitable for advanced professional & advanced free hosting purposes. Scripting is supported (php, perl, mysql, etc). Each client server, part of this ultra fast cluster platform, can take up to 50,000 – 60,000 clients with about 150 000 virtual hosts (domains/sub-domains) at 30 - 40% server load levels. Almost each service is hosted on a separate server and thus a given set of servers processes one single task at a time, instead of having one server take care of all web, mail, ftp, DNS, etc. tasks. This platform can reach more than 100 times faster speeds as compared to the one-server platforms of the dedicated cPanel server type, for example. This web hosting cluster system is still in beta version and is being intensely elaborated upon.

C. A semi-cluster based hosting platform suitable only for professional paid hosting purposes, characterized with more efficiency, speed and the ability to take up 10 times more sever load as compared to one dedicated cPanel server. Scripting is supported (php, perl, mysql, pgsql, etc). The system can accommodate up to 1,500 – 2,000 paid clients on a single sever at low server load levels (between 5% and 20%). At the moment, the THIRD version, which will allow reaching the parameters of the abovementioned cluster platform with even more service and hardware stability, is being developed.

Basically, the last two hosting platforms are entirely different from each other and represent different ways to achieve one and the same thing: the taking up of exceptionally big loads at very low sever load levels. This leads to a drastic decrease of the expenses and allows the generation of big profits under equal conditions.

 Domain Registration Systems (Development & Maintenance)

As an inseparable part of each of our hosting platforms, there’s an automated domain registration system connected with eNom’s reseller API and with the billing API, part of our very secure payment acceptance system.

 Control Panels (Development & Maintenance)

Client, reseller and admin control panels for the provision and the administration of the services on different levels. Everything is intelligently inter-linked.

 Billing Systems (Development & Maintenance)

An entirely separate, totally isolated system, aiming at absolute security. It can be accessed through a billing API. The access itself is limited to literally one or two people maximum. The client billing solutions used include: PayPal.com (PayPal Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Pro), WorldPay.com (pre-authorization and post-authorization methods), AmericanExpress.com, 2checkout.com, ClickBank.com.

 Websites Design (Development & Maintenance)

Development and design of websites, usually as a part of a partnership. We also accept individual orders for projects whose value is over $15,000 USD.

 Custom Programming Services  (Development & Maintenance)

Web and server programming. Again, usually as a part of a partnership. Upon request, we carry out individual orders at $130.00 USD an hour.

 Search Engine Optimization Services

Very delicate to explain. And a very expensive service for that matter. If it’s a separate order case outside some kind of a partnership, the budget we’re talking about amounts to minimum $150,000 to $250,000 a year. If it’s a part of a partnership – our know-how becomes yours too...

 Internet Marketing

Analysis and consulting, as well as development of entire Internet Marketing strategies. Again, a quite expensive service. Connected almost always with Search Engine Optimization Services...

 IT Support Services

24x7 support for:

  1. Clients
  2. Sales
  3. Servers (administration and installation)
  4. Hosting systems (administration and installation)

If you have questions or would like to contact us, please use the online contact form.


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